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(Quick link to my guitar chord poster on Etsy: http://etsy.me/2oZDsTO )

Current poster sales are being handled through Paypal. Product will be shipped in super strong cardboard tubing, the poster itself sealed in a plastic tube. Hit the Paypal BUY NOW button on my website and you’ll be taken to Paypal to complete the transaction. Soon as I get the word I’ll package it up and ship it ASAP. Thank you for supporting an indie artist!

I’ve also got an Etsy shop with the poster for sale if you’d rather do business through there.

About the poster…Developed through fifteen years of teaching guitar, this glossy 24×36 poster captures at least six months of private lessons. A FREE audio packet with each example played is available to owners, so there is no guessing how each progression is supposed to sound–I’ll show you! This poster is more than a collection of meaningless chord charts; You’ll learn HOW to apply this information into your own playing.

A basic rundown of what information is included in this poster.

–Basic rhythm (quarter notes, eighth notes, etc.) and practice strumming patterns.

–CAGED System of bar chords: Major/Minor/Major 7th/Dominant 7th/Minor 7th.

–Suspended chords & examples.

–Funk chords & examples.

–Basic Reggae groove.

–Slash Chords & Examples.

–Basic fingerstyle patterns.

–Odd time signature riffs.

–12 essential triads.

–Basic Latin groove.

–Chord scales & lesson in how to create chord progressions that fit into any key.

This is a great poster for college dorms, music rooms and anyone who already has beginning chords down and would like some quick, useful ideas on where to go next.


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