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Hey, what do you know…this blog ain’t dead after all! Well, yes it is. Hard to find time to write about guitar stuff when I got the school and employment stuff happening. But ain’t no one taking me away from the music, so I got a cool electronic-rock thing with a bit of jazz cooked up…

Bad Mood

I posted this on Soundcloud. I used to hate posting my songs on all those band sites, a holdover from the MP3.com/Garageband days where every site was promising the best following as they cashed in on all the content being sent to them for free. And who has time to monitor all those pages? But if you wanna hit that like/heart button on the bottom of the tune so I can attract some groupies I’d be obliged.*

This song took me 18 months to finish. Pathetic, no? I didn’t actually struggle for for 540-some-odd days. More like I worked up a few minutes of sweetness, gave up on it for a few months, listened again realized I liked it enough to continue…then sat on it for months more…repeat cycle until I realized it’s time to COMMIT!

I love the guitar tone of the main riff, cooked up with Logic’s Space Designer and one of the Rammfire patches in Guitar Rig. Along with my beat up Ibanez Jem = CRUNCH! Probably a bit much–and I don’t know how I’ll pull that tone off live. Whatever…I ain’t gunning for awards here.

Terry Bozzio handled most of the acoustic drums here, aside from the intro and bridge. Yeah, seriously! But jeez, if you’re gonna nitpick that it’s actually his drum sample library and wreck my fantasy. Hey, fun TRUE fact…I actually hired Bozzio’s brother-in-law to play on my OOOG! EP years back. Vince Littleton, great drummer, versatile! I gotta his smoking drums on my “One Thing Leads to Another” back into the Interwebs. Point is, in my twisted universe I have family connections…

*Does my wife read this blog? 🙂


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I’ve been a bit busy over the past year, working on music to A Virus Named Tom and a quick contract over at Ubisoft doing some notetracking on Rocksmith. If your fingers are hurting trying to learn Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” or Foo Fighters “My Hero” you can direct your hate mail this way! But I’ve got some time opening up in the schedule and I’d like get back into one of my primary loves, teaching! Talking guitar & bass with the local folks keeps my musical brain sharp and teaches me as much as it does them. Almost 20 years teaching and I still learn stuff!

I used to teach in various North Bay music stores, but they tend to be noisy with all the other lessons going on around them, so now I invite students to my quiet home studio just off the 101 freeway (also nice for recording demos), along with a few housecalls up through Santa Rosa (where I find myself quite a bit these days). Interested? Got some basic info on my website. All students get a copy of my rhythm guitar poster and the opportunity to laugh at my silly teaching jokes! I’ve got plenty of references if needed. Thanks!

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One of my students was asking about this, so I created a quick audio file where I play the differences between swing 8th notes and 8th note triplets with the middle 8th left out (a quarter note/8th note grouping as I explain it in the audio). Playing these two examples sound exactly the same; they just look different on paper.

I was going to write up a few examples of what the notation looks like in these cases, but I got some Christmas shopping to do and the SOUND is more important in this case. Shoot me an email if you’re confused and I’d be happy to explain, point out another link, etc.

Keith’s 8th Note Swing Audio Lesson.

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(Quick link to my guitar chord poster on Etsy: http://etsy.me/2oZDsTO )

Current poster sales are being handled through Paypal. Product will be shipped in super strong cardboard tubing, the poster itself sealed in a plastic tube. Hit the Paypal BUY NOW button on my website and you’ll be taken to Paypal to complete the transaction. Soon as I get the word I’ll package it up and ship it ASAP. Thank you for supporting an indie artist!

I’ve also got an Etsy shop with the poster for sale if you’d rather do business through there.

About the poster…Developed through fifteen years of teaching guitar, this glossy 24×36 poster captures at least six months of private lessons. A FREE audio packet with each example played is available to owners, so there is no guessing how each progression is supposed to sound–I’ll show you! This poster is more than a collection of meaningless chord charts; You’ll learn HOW to apply this information into your own playing.

A basic rundown of what information is included in this poster.

–Basic rhythm (quarter notes, eighth notes, etc.) and practice strumming patterns.

–CAGED System of bar chords: Major/Minor/Major 7th/Dominant 7th/Minor 7th.

–Suspended chords & examples.

–Funk chords & examples.

–Basic Reggae groove.

–Slash Chords & Examples.

–Basic fingerstyle patterns.

–Odd time signature riffs.

–12 essential triads.

–Basic Latin groove.

–Chord scales & lesson in how to create chord progressions that fit into any key.

This is a great poster for college dorms, music rooms and anyone who already has beginning chords down and would like some quick, useful ideas on where to go next.

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