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I posted this everywhere else, but forgot to share it on the blog!

Green post today. I know, it’s not music or movies, but I did this infographic project in Marin while interning for World Centric, a company in Petaluma, so I’m thinking that’s close enough.

Still doing the music, freelancing in game sound design, but I’ve also been pursuing the marketing and web classes because hey, I want to support the creative habit better! Got enough starving musicians working as baristas and salesmen.

Anyway, my former boss at World Centric gave me the chance to lead an infographic project. Reading all this stuff about the Pacific Garbage Patch and the evils of plastic got me depressed. Yeah, I’m not giving up all the benefits plastic has given me, but you start doing a little reading and the depth of the problem grabs you by the boo-boo. But rather than shrug and say “Oh well…” I thought about giving up plastic drinking straws. Yeah, yeah…the planet still has problems even if we eliminate straws, he who simply likes to argue for the sake of arguing.

But cutting back on single-use plastic straws is something anyone can do without the burden of, say, giving up their game consoles. Then I started playing with math based on our straw consumption and realized some CRAZY stuff, which is detailed in the infograph below.

Quick shout-out to Oni Cortez, the awesome designer who brought visuals to my words.

Original link to the infographic.


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