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I composed a bit of music for a short film called Smart Home. About a woman with one of those high tech homes of the future who even cross-examines her date! Check it out at the link below. I think the film came out very well.

Smart Home.


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Playing around with an instrumental, somewhat ambient piece that I’ve been using as an intro to one of my rock songs in Second Life. Mostly an exploration in Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere and Izotope’s Iris, among my recent new toys this year. But it came out rather cool to my ears, so I share it with the blogosphere and see what happens…

Sorry…no cats in this song. Or underpants. Or cats wearing them. It’s not even the name of the song, which maybe it should be because the current title, Disturbed Clarity, sounds exactly like the angst ridden, “Look how tortured I am!” sort of title you’d expect from a bald guy who hides in his studio all day putting noise together.

Disturbed Clarity

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I did a little music for an online game earlier this year called Trigger, a cool word puzzle deal with vibe reminiscent of The Matrix. Bay Area developer Ryan Williams and his company Glug Glug are behind it. Sweet!

Play Trigger!

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Composed some music for a filmmaker in Los Angeles recently. He wanted something influenced by Thomas Newman’s American Beauty theme and this made him happy! 🙂


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I got to throw down a little theme music for Spanatix recently. They’re a social networking site devoted to sports fans. Name a sport or a team and there’s a group for it. I was logging in some quality time during the World Cup talking up the US team.

The website is here. Click “New to Spanatix?” to hear the goods and learn more about the site. Or check out the video below!

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I was having a discussion with one of my students recently and I remarked how cool it would be if the Peanuts teacher sang in a rock band. All that, “Gwah-wah-wah.” stuff lends itself well to a metal or rap project. I pitched the idea to her agent (or was it her teacher’s union rep?) and what do you know…before she became a teacher she was a metal vocalist! She jumped at the chance to relive past glory and before I could say, “You blockhead!” she came to my studio and cut a bunch of epic vocal tracks!*

Check out the resulting, Sun Damage.

*The therapy might not be working… 🙂

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Well, not *my* game, actually. Put I composed a few levels of music and most of the sound effects for it. It’s called Labyrinthica: The Quest of Lima, an indie game full of action, fighting bugs, magic spells and all sorts of time killing madness. You want to check out the demo here.

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